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The second of January, or Tweede Nuwejaar, has always been important to the people of the Cape. During this time, Dutch slave masters were on holiday and slaves took the freedom of the city. On Tweede Nuwejaar the slaves brought life to the city, filling the streets with music, dance, colour and festivity.

In 2010 the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and the City of Cape Town, attempted to force the Cape Minstrels or the Kaapse Klopse to march an alternative route and to bring the festival forward by one day. The Klopse refused, stood their ground, and lead a 40 000 strong protest march along their ancestral route and on the day that they felt commemorated their culture.

Since this date, the Kaapse Klopse have every year fought the City of Cape Town for the right to evoke the rebel spirit of our slave ancestry.

Invincible Darkies is a 30-minute documentary film that follows the footsteps of Gertrude Square and her Valhalla Park Entertainers. The film draws attention to the type of super human strength required to annually march the streets of Cape Town and to practice our culture. The film calls into communion all those Capetonians, South Africans and Africans who recognise that our space for self-expression and dignity in the land of our birth is being eroded daily. Also, the process of creating Invincible Darkies has in itself become an act of rebellion challenging street culture artists to use their skills as weapons for social change.

The screening on 11 April from 2 – 5 pm at the District 6 Museum Homecoming Centre is the collaborative effort of at least four entities who believe this is an urgent and important conversation to continue. The event is jointly organised by the District 6 Museum, the Cape Minstrel Carnival Association, the Valhalla Park Entertainers and Kino Kadre.

Contact: Taryn Mackay:

Address: 25 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town

Date: 11 April, 2-5pm