resource library

the joburg kino kadre circle met in eldos, extension 2 yesterday to discuss how we can continue to use film and the camera as a powerful tool in the hands of the people.

after reasoning and sharing we agreed on the following as a plan for forward action:

street archives

kino kadre will continue to build our resource space at the keleketla library, drill hall, noord. here film kadres can watch films and get access to film training material. the space is open every monday and friday for people to come through and grow as film activists and artists. over the next few weeks we’ll be painting and working the space so activists with time and energy are welcome to add their hands to the work.

ghetto cinema

kino kadre will hold a community screening in eldos in three weeks.

venue: dallas flats, extension 3, eldos

time: 18:30


khonexted (esley philander): Khoi Khonnexion’s Garth Erasmus, Jethro Louw and Glen Arendse who feature in khonexted as well as Indigenous Rogue AKA Ferdinand Van Tura explores some of their thinking of identity and questions of culture…

the unseen ones (kurt orderson): niko10long is die seun van die wesbank wat prober om met word, sound, power a positive message te bring vid die kindlers van die ghetto.

eldorado (shaldon & lorreal ferris): the evening’s feature a mirror reflection of the life and times of eldorado park over three decades. the film was largely shot at the dallas flats and this will be the first time that the movie is shown to this community that helped build the film project.

get in touch with us for more information and come through to build indigenous, independent, rebellious film.