inspired by the active nature of the activism emminating from the cape flats…

jhb has begun to once again seek out the spear of rebellion, stoke the fires of discontentment & do battle with the “infection of the soul-chewing maggots of pessimism, futility & shame”…

from the ashes, we have decided to rise….

the imbawula circle that met yesterday,sunday 22 march will be launching the joburg kino kadre community screening sessions in orlando west,

2 april 2010….

we will be spreading the word via a designed emailer & flyer and humbly request the following guidance from our fellow rougues in cape town:

  • any documentation speaking to the guiding principles of kino kadre…..specifically writings that will help us select the content for these sessions
  • any guidance/ samples/ history on kino kadre’s visual/design identity….
  • permission to re-interpret and revamp the existing blog…

from the ashes, we choose to rise!

more love! more fire! more rebellion!

taryn (logistics & equipment)

nomzamo (content)

rasik (multi-media & design)

zandi (new circle growth)

“liberation struggles are not about assimilation but about asserting difference, endowing that difference with dignity & prestige & insisting on it as a condition of self-definition & self determination” germaine greer


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